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Controversy: Would You Take Away Guns From Law-Abiding Citizens?

San Diego, Calif. — “Would you personally, go out and confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens — even if it goes against your personal opinion regarding the constitutional rights of citizens — and do it on the order of an administrative … Continue reading

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House holds U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt Historic vote comes after showdown over bungled Fast and Furious operation

He’s in Jail . . . Right? Read Article→

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Free health care for all!

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Allegation, Attorney to Arpaio: Eric Holder Not Legally Appointed Attorney General

More Treason From: And: Continue to Article→

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COURT: SHOOTING ‘SPITWADS’ IS ‘VIOLENT CRIMINAL CONDUCT’ Student’s future now ‘senselessly derailed by school administrators’

WND Exclusive Continue to Article→

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Thank you congressional black caucus for walking out on the General Racist contempt of congress vote. You are just like the rest “my people”.  You pull stupid little stunts and throw your little tizzy fits to show how black you … Continue reading

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