So This Is Gay Tolerance?


gay pride flag 3 SC So This Is Gay Tolerance?


BY MICHAEL NELLETT                              From The Western Center for Journalism



Dan Cathy, President of Chik-Fil-A restaurants, committed the biggest politically incorrect sin. He said that he believes, as does his family, that marriage is between one man and one woman!  Holy Hannah, gather up the lumber and start building the gallows because the gays want to hang this guy! How dare you, sir, state the Bible’s truth to the world; are you off your ever-loving saintly soapbox? The gays are a very sensitive group, and they have a lot of tolerance, but man, you have pushed them and their PROGRESSIVE supporters too far this time. You and your family are against same-sex marriage? Why, that’s as ignorant as being against murdering your unborn children legally….oops!…..I mean abortion.

Shame on you, Mr. Cathy; you have traumatized an entire class of people with your statements.  The devil himself is so PO’d at you that all the world’s volcanoes went off at once! Sulfur is reportedly shooting out of the nostrils of both Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. I’ll bet their wives are REALLY PO”d at you, Mr. Cathy, because they stunk up their respective homes with that smell! Good Lord, man, what were you thinking? Isn’t it bad enough that you give your employees Sunday off as a day of worship and rest!

Your profession of your Christian faith has apparently endangered your family’s chances of  being able to expand in Beantown and Chitown, all in one fell swoop! Your acts of Christian faith and your words DO NOT represent the values of either Boston, nor Chicago, according to their mayors,  sir! Of course, Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t reflect your values either, and things there got a little salty. I digress; how could you have been so insensitive to these peaceful, loving , infinitely patient, long-suffering people? Their tolerance of everybody and everything is known both far and wide, sir. Why would you step on the toes of such a tolerant group as these, Mr. Cathy?


Here’s what I propose we do with both Boston and Chicago. First, we avoid them. That’s right, avoid them. If they don’t want Christian business, then we should gladly accommodate them. Second, we applaud you, Mr. Cathy, for standing up for your faith and your convictions. We salute your family also for their faith and firmness.  It is heartwarming to know that there are still people who will stand up for what is right. This episode has finally revealed itself in all its hatefulness. THE TRUTH HAS A WAY OF DOING THAT!

Chik-Fil-A is a Christian company that practices what it believes, and THAT is something that should be applauded, not condemned! I ask everyone to take this coming Wednesday and go have a nice dinner at Chik-Fil-A . I heard the food is pretty good on top of everything else. To those who are berating the Cathy family…..blow it out your keister. May God bless the Cathy family, and may they continue to grow and prosper under God’s blessings. Adieu.


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Len Harris is just another red blooded, America lovin', God fearin', gun totin' Patriot watching the Country he loves being fundamentally transformed.
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