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Originally posted on Western Rifle Shooters Association:
AP gives us the template, based on the events in this post. I suggest that as many folks as possible send similar messages to the following email addresses and phone numbers:…

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Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor:
My recent article on the New York City shooting—NYC: Bad Tactics and Socialism—where two officers fired 16 rounds at a man who, shortly after murdering a former co-worker in broad daylight on a crowded…

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Originally posted on A Lightning War for Liberty:
It’s now becoming overt.  The meme emanating rapidly from the mainstream media is that the U.S. military is a threat to the nation!  It sounds very 1984 and backwards, but what isn’t…

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Nappy Is In Deep Do-Do

Secretary Nappy, you got some splainin’ to do!

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Tea Party Event in Phoenix Staring Sheriff Joe, LTC Terry Lakin and Mike Zullo Just to Name a Few

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According to the NBC/WSJ Poll there are no Black Conservatives 🙂

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Tolerance Will Take Us Straight to Hell, If We Tolerate It . . .

Tolerance and Compromise are NOT synonymous.  Where do you draw the line? by Len Harris Our great republic was built on the foundation of monumental faith in God, because of that, divine providence  is why we are here.  I believe … Continue reading

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