The truth can be very ugly to look at, but thank you Mr. McDaniel for not pulling any punches.

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Reason #30: Politics And Power Above All

Categories: Giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies; Treason

In my nearly six decades, I’ve seen presidents come and go, Democrat and Republican.  The last three Democrat presidents—Carter, Clinton and Obama—have convinced me of one inescapable fact: Democrats can no longer be trusted with national security.

Common threads run though each of those administrations.  All disliked America and Americans in differing degrees.  All distrusted—even hated—our military and particularly our intelligence agencies, again in differing degrees.  All embraced our enemies and sought to apologize for real or imagined American failings of the past and present—in differing degrees.  And all, through design, negligence or stupidity, severely harmed American national security.

Jimmy Carter’s embrace of the Soviet Union and his weakness in the face of Islamism put us on a dangerous path.  His degradation of our intelligence capabilities arguably started to unravel the garment of…

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Len Harris is just another red blooded, America lovin', God fearin', gun totin' Patriot watching the Country he loves being fundamentally transformed.
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