I knew something was wrong when 10 innocents where hit to bring down one man in the open. Thanx for the 411 Mike, nice read.

Stately McDaniel Manor

My recent article on the New York City shootingNYC: Bad Tactics and Socialismwhere two officers fired 16 rounds at a man who, shortly after murdering a former co-worker in broad daylight on a crowded sidewalk, pointed a handgun at them.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that the officers fired from distances ranging from about 8-20 feet, they managed to shoot nine bystanders as well as the shooter (dead at the scene), who did not fire a shot at them.

While the tactics—or rather, lack of professional tactics—employed by the officers was in large part responsible for this sad state of affairs, there is no doubt that the handgun choices imposed on NYPD officers by their administrators is also at fault.  This is hardly surprising.

The police administrators of large east and west coast cities are chosen far more for their political loyalty than for their police expertise. …

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