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Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods is American Exceptionalism at its finest. Rest In Peace. Advertisements

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Charen: Lowlife Harry Reid Should Resign

  By Mona Charen Let’s play  Imagine an Alternative Universe . Suppose that Rep. Paul Ryan had said that Joe Biden had “sullied the religion that he and I share.” How many days of the news cycle do you suppose … Continue reading

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An Address to the United Nations on Behalf of American Citizens

Kira you are a great American, I would stand with you ‘till death defending the USA!

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When Exactly Did America Cease To Be A Republic?

BY TWILA LE PAGE On a slow Friday afternoon in March, America ceased to be a Republic. In a sneaky political power grab, the White House outmaneuvered Congress, and America became a dictatorship. Steve Eichler, Chief Executive Officer of Tea … Continue reading

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Frances Robles makes me feel like vomiting, the way Matt Gutman and Ryan Julison do.

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The Obama you don’t know. Ten Part Series.


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ehancock1 and ellen1: How liberals spin!

by Len Harris Here is a prime example of how lifeless libs spin the truth so as to make the story fit their agenda.  This person that goes by ellen1 commented here, notice how completely untrue her statement is and … Continue reading

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