Democrats Hate Us

by: Hunter Ayers             The Constitution Club                 September 21, 2012

No longer do I wonder why you hate us, Democrats, liberals, silly socialists. I just know you hate us and have for a generation. No longer do I credit you with having at least good intentions. You have none. What you do carry around in your spirit and mind, is hate.

You have made it more difficult to work because you have made it more difficult to find work. You have made killing the unborn and even newly born a central theme of your party for years and I don’t like killing. You have made the word liberty politically incorrect while you gleefully carry on within a powerful government and liberty-adverse courts to take away ever more. You have played the political games of taking from us while advertising that your “goodness” is being blocked on every jobs bill by a reticent Republican congress. The poison pill you ply in every bill is never revealed by you “good” people. You have lied to us while claiming to be the people of light and goodwill. You use the word tea-baggers for the Tea Party.

Your hate is clear. People of faith, people who value work, people who value life, property, family, the military, who don’t sue others, who know the Constitution, who want to be left alone by the government, who know the spending for votes has exceeded our capacity to pay, who believes in freedom for all—from smoking on private property to using land owned for any damn thing we want to, to owning a firearm in any rotten or not so rotten city, who knows what all the taxes, licenses, fees, registrations, rules, laws, fines, and tags—mean. Your hate is clear as you decide to ban big gulps, force fast food chains to show any damn thing related to their product, invite yourself into plants, factories, retailers, apartment complexes, homes, and now even churches—to demand compliance with what you think we must obey. Screw you. Who do you think you are el Presidente’ … congress? Bureaucracy? Agency? Public school administrator? Let me be clear. You do not rule us. You work for us. Stay in your place.

Your hate is clear. Our compliance is not for reason that we agree. To this point, our general level of compliance is only for the purpose to remain open, to avoid fines, to suffer no harassment by one of your agents of political correctness that is paid to do your work out here. It is time adults use what common sense is and recall what liberty is again—go ahead and sell lemonade young people and may you make a lot of money. No one will be allowed to interfere because we will be there to send anyone who comes to stop you on his way. Leftists, liberals, Democrats—whatever you call yourselves—your hate is clear as you work to make us subservient! You lose power when we exercise freedom, advance liberty. You lose power when we say screw you, we damn well will pray before the football game.

No longer wondering why, we just know you do hate us, liberals.

May God be with us this election cycle and may the results be in the cause of liberty in every State and in our federal government! With God blessed results, you can reel back into that dark corner of mental disarray you seem unable to escape, evidently the place you enjoy so much then light the candle of resentment to console your hateful selves, Democrats. Leave us alone.


About USAnaturalBorn

Len Harris is just another red blooded, America lovin', God fearin', gun totin' Patriot watching the Country he loves being fundamentally transformed.
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